Designed and built in 2007 by Adelina Iliev and Rado Iliev
Featured in architecture and interior design magazines: Abitare; Bravacasa
Situated at the edge of the Bulgarian village of Yasna Poliana overlooking the hills of Strandja Mountain.
Only 10km away from the sandy beaches and dunes of Primorsko.
38km from the coastal town of Bourgas and its International Airport, direct flights to London.
Close to the Bulgarian border with Turkey - only a 4 hours' drive to the cosmopolitan Istanbul.
Designed and built to be used in the summer months - from May way into October.
A very solid build - concrete floor, roof and columns, brick walls, aluminium double glazing, all keeping the bedrooms very cool in the hot summer days.
Can be reconfigured to become an all year place, maybe even add a pool along the lenght.
The perfect getaway place without having to travel too far.
108 sq m in total including the terrace
730 sq m plot of land
Price on application

Photos below by Adelina Iliev, from 2007 to 2013

Photos below - as it is now.
In need of a good clean up and tidying of the overgrowth + a special new owner who will love it for its quirkiness and simplicity and has many friends too, the 4 metre long table comes handy.
iPhone photos by Adelina taken in October 2022

The layout - simplicity and functionality

The sleepy village of Yasna Polyana - a peaceful place to really get away from it all.
The peace and quiet only disturbed by the sounds of sheep's bells, storks' chatter, relentless crickets and sometimes jackals howling from the mountains in the evening.
A unique place, the village has the magic of dozens of wood sculptures dotted all around it.
Since 1984 it has hosted an anual wood sculpture plein air which has brought top Bulgarian artists to carve their creations from locally sourced oak from Strandja mountain.
Photos below as found on the internet and edited for this page.
More info on Yasna Polyana and its sculptures:

Only 10km away are the sandy beaches and dunes of Primorsko.
20km away are two of the last wild beaches of Bulgaria, Arkutino and Ropotamo, also the National Nature Reserve Ropotamo with its unique protected plants and birds.
15km away is the mysterious Beglik Tash, the Bulgarian Stonehenge.
A lot to explore and take in.
Photos by Adelina Iliev

The origin story - the plot of land belonged to my parents since 1977 as the weekend getaway place for two city people with busy jobs and their two kids. My dad built a timber bungalow from scratch and transformed the land into a flourishing vegetable garden and fruit orchard. Some of the fruit trees still remain - a quince tree, fig trees, plum trees and of course the fragrant lime blossom tree to the east of the house.

I grew up with the magic of this place and I also took my first ever photo from the porch of this bungalow.


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